Peter Max – Iconic and Inspirational Artist in The Field of Pop Art

Pop art has been an integral part of the art world for the last 50 years. This form of art uses a lot of bold patterns, themes, colors and shapes that make this art form popular and appreciated by millions across the world. Pop art artists like to put their imagination on canvas, and they draw inspiration from music mainly.

Peter Max – An artist well known for pop and graphical art in the world

Peter Max is an iconic pop artist who has been painting creative and inspirational forms of art for 50 years. He is well-known in the field of art and uses several forms of colors, styles, and forms in his works. His mom and dad inspired him at a young age.

Painting from a young age

He was born in the year 1937, and he has traveled to China, Paris, and Israel with his family. He was inspired by a Buddhist monastery since childhood and has been inspired by cosmic art from a young age. His creative works of art have been displayed and exhibited in major museums and galleries across the globe.

Inspiration artwork that is creative and unique

Agents of these art museums and galleries say both young, and art lovers flock to see his inspirational artwork. His Facebook page has several pictures of his work, and whenever a new inspiration or subject strikes him, he puts his imagination on canvas. Each idea is flawless and becomes an excellent piece of art. His major objective is to create unique forms of art for people across the world. He uses a lot of cosmic elements in his artwork, and this is why they are appreciated by art lovers everywhere.

Covering the Psychedelic Movement in the USA

He studied at The Art Students League in New York, and his work has stolen the hearts of artists in the world. Frank J Reilly taught him about the basics of painting and sketching. He subsequently went on to study at The School of Visual Arts in New York. After studying, he went on to pursue a career in advertising. He was the artist who created the 7-Up advertisement campaign in 1968 that later went on to become popular across the world. After this, he covered the psychedelic movement of the American music world and created some of the most iconic musical posters of this period.

Peter Max created the amazing Statue of Liberty series in 1976 to commemorate 200 years of American Independence. With the passage of time, he became a political activist and environmentalist. He was the official artist for six American Presidents of the USA and has been the painter for 100 Clintons Installation in the year 1993. Though he has been in the art field for five decades, he shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to sharing amazing works of art with people across the globe. His work crosses boundaries, and his messages through art are powerful and remembered for their vibrant shapes, colors and shapes!



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