Snapshots of a New Baby

For many people, the birth of a baby is a time when you want to take pictures. With all the ideas for newborn sessions, it can sometimes be hard to determine what would look best on cards, canvas, and other backgrounds that you use as well as what would look best online. The following are only a few of the ideas that are available that include the newborn, the parents, siblings, and other family members.

All About Size

Use the size of your baby in the photography sessions. Show the love that you have for your baby by holding your newborn in the palm of your hand. Another option is to cradle your baby in your arms while kissing the forehead or cheeks. Other family members can be involved as well by embracing each other in a hug or looking at the baby while you’re giving kisses. Make sure you get a few pictures of each parent holding the baby as well as a family picture. An idea would be to have a picture of the mother cradling the baby that can be posted beside a picture of the mother when she was pregnant.

Sleepy Shots

Some of the best pictures that are taken of newborns are when they are sleeping. A newborn photography Dallas company can position your baby in a basket, on a blanket, or in other comfortable positions to take pictures that depict the innocence of newborns. Many parents have pictures of their newborns without their clothes on while they are sleeping. Taking pictures of a sleeping newborn allows the photographer to get closer to the baby to capture the details of the face and other areas of the body.

Keepsake Items

The gifts received at your baby shower and after getting home from the hospital can be used in the pictures that you have taken of your newborn. Your baby can be positioned on a blanket with one of the keepsakes in the background or as something your baby is holding if you have pictures taken at a few months old. Another option is to put a chalkboard behind your baby with a name, age, weight, height, and a few other details that viewers can read in the image. If you have something that is special to your family, such as a blanket that a grandparent has made or a piece of jewelry that once belonged to a family member, then you could use these items in the pictures as well.

Pictures with the Siblings

If there are other children in your family, then have a few pictures taken of them with your new baby. Let your other children hold the baby or pose in similar ways so that you have pictures of all your children together. A fun idea would be to have an older sibling holding the other siblings with the youngest holding the baby. You could also line all the siblings in a row with the same outfit on or use a holiday theme with the props in the images.

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