Tips to buy best butterfly knife trainer

Are you looking for a trainer to learn the flipping of a pocket folding knife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang????

Relax! You are on the right page. Here you are going to get the best butterfly knife trainer review.

Anyone can get the best butterfly knife trainer because doing it rashly it might cause unwanted injuries. There are many names for this…a balisong, Batangas knife, butterfly knife, or fan knife. If you are a beginner with minimal experience, you must keep these five points in mind before buying and making its best lifetime use if possible.

Why you need it?

There are three main reasons to get a best butterfly trainer knife:

  3. FOR NO REASON (you simply buy it because it looks cool)

Before buying you only need to care about the quality of its blade in case of using it for self-defense.

Type/Material of handle:

There are a plethora of choices if you are a concern with handle material. Most of the butterfly knives have a stainless steel material with rust resistance. Handles are made of stainless steel, wood, and plastic with having well-featuring holes that line the sides.


You must consider the overall quality and durability of the knife. A handmade butterfly is also a good option.

Size and weight:

The size of the butterfly knife must be according to the hands of the user, otherwise, there is a range of sizes available in the market. Weight is also an important factor in the selection of a butterfly knife. A heavy knife makes it difficult to maneuver.


Of course, you want a silky smooth performance from your butterfly knife. Smoothness contributes majorly to smooth rotation and perfect performance.

In addition to all these features, you also have to check for the construction of a butterfly knife whether it is pin (non-adjustable) construction or screw construction, a tough build, and a smooth pivot.

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