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Animation has unquestionably come a long way since its first appearance that dates back to the early 1900s, and even earlier. The animators’ techniques to bring stories and characters to life have improved immensely over the decades, and some animated films appear as they were captured from a real, exotic place.

Animation is not really considered as a genre, because every animated movie can be classified to a different genre. We are all familiar with movies like Beauty and the Beast, Robin Hood, Pinocchio, Dumbo, and many other Walt Disney movies, which we usually refer to as cartoons. These cartoons are the very beginning of animation movies. Soon after the emergence of these ‘moving-drawings’, that many people still enjoy watching, the animation took a big step forward with the help of the computers. Who Framed Roger the Rabbit was a big success; a movie that includes real actors, but the main character is an animated rabbit, who needs help to save himself and the entire cartoon world. It is a well-crafted film, with lovely story, great animation, and a little humor. If Roger the Rabbit does not ring any bells, Space Jam might, as it is another successful animation, with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan acting side by side.

But looking back on these movies, just makes us realize how far the movie industry has come. Animation movies today are so advanced, that watching them literally reels you into their worlds. Yes, animation movies can offer a great escape from reality into a world full of new possibilities.

With great animations, and a well-designed movie plot, you can enjoy a good animated comedy (Ice Age, Madagascar, Minions), an action (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant), a great adventure (Avatar, Lion King, How to Train Your Dragon, Spirited Away), and even some horror (Where the Dad Go to See, Wicked City). There are so many great animation films, that it can be hard to decide which one to see next. The best part is, these movies are not necessarily made for the younger population; The Nightmare before Christmas is a great animated movie, made by Tim Burton, that can appeal to any crowd. And then there is the great WALL-E; a lovely story that can move anybody.

So many animation movies, a person does not know where to begin exploring their worlds. Luckily for you, you can find these great movies here, at, Watch Free Full Animation Movies Online | Full-Length Streaming Animation Movies‎‎.

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