Alternative uses for a lap tray

Every home needs a lap tray or several, not just for enjoying a meal in front of the TV but for a number of other uses. The lap tray is available in different designs, sizes and materials, with or without legs and some with a bean bag for stability. The common factor is that they are all more than simple lap trays.


TV meals

Even if your family normally sits around the dining table at mealtimes there can be occasions when this is inconvenient. An important football match that cannot be missed can be one such time when you need a lap tray for each member of the family.

Whether you are confined to bed or simply to a chair, eating can be quite difficult when you are ill. Having your meals on a stable tray that is large enough to hold cutlery, condiments and a drink can make enjoying your food easier.

Side tables

A lap tray can be converted into a compact side table for the bedroom or living room, large enough to hold a lamp and easy to reposition when necessary. It may be decorative already, such as those available from or you may like to add embellishments to match the room.

Working from home

Use your lap tray as a mini office. According to the BBC over four million people in Britain regularly work from home and while you may spend most of your working time at your desk, there is no reason why you shouldn’t move to a comfortable chair for parts of the day to do some writing or to use your laptop. A lap tray is ideal for this as it allows ventilation to the computer which you need to avoid it overheating.

Wall art

Decorative items such as cat lap trays can be displayed in your home and add a quirky charm to a room. These personalised items make excellent gifts for a loved one and can feature any subject you or the recipient likes.


When you just need to run the iron over a small item and it does not seem worthwhile to put the ironing board up, how about using your lap tray as a mini ironing board. Of course, you would have to cover it with some heat resistant padding and cotton fabric.

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