Current Construction Industry Numbers

The construction industry was surging before the pandemic hit. So, how has the pandemic impacted the construction industry? And more importantly, what lies ahead for the construction industry?

Since we might be on the brink of another shutdown, the construction industry is on edge to see how it will impact them. Luckily, the residential sector of the industry tends to remain stable, but the commercial aspect is struggling.

State by State

Across the country, state jobs have been impacted the most by the pandemic. Even though some new construction jobs have been added in the states that didn’t see large shutdowns, the majority of the locations who shut down saw a drastic decline in construction jobs.

Now there is a fear of that happening again, plus the fear of the pandemic actually catching up to the residential part of the industry. Not only are people losing jobs, but some people are also losing their entire business.

State of Vermont

For example, Vermont experienced a very strict and lengthy shutdown. This caused them to be the number one state with the most jobs affected. The construction industry practically shut down for months across the state. Since things are finally bouncing back, what is going to happen with another shutdown looming?

As of now, the only thing that can be done is to be patient and just keep working on the jobs they can complete.

State of Arizona

The state of Arizona saw a shutdown as well, but construction was still considered essential, so many of the projects kept going on. In fact, the entire state is still seeing a growth in construction projects.

In 2019, the city of Phoenix was experiencing its biggest construction spike in over 10 years. Luckily, projects across Phoenix are still going strong.

Those who are unsure about handling situations surrounding their construction project during a pandemic should seek the advice of Phoenix construction litigators. Even though your construction project may not have been impacted by the pandemic yet, make sure you know what lies ahead for your project.

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