Five Pallet Racking Damage-Prevention Tips

The best way to save cash when it comes to pallet racking replacements and repairs is to stop them from being damaged to start with. This can be achieved by following these five simple tips.

Train Staff

Training is vital to prevent damage to your Industrial Shelving in Ireland or wherever you are in the world. Things which should be covered include rack safety awareness, the importance of reporting damage, maximum load awareness and forklift training.

You should also ensure that all employees have access to the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) when at work and know the maximum speed limits and other safety measures which apply in the warehouse. Adequate rack unloading and loading procedures must also be implemented. More information on storage solution safety can be read in the literature available at

Prevent Vehicle Damage

Ensure that your industrial shelving and racking, available from companies such as, are protected from vehicle damage. Vehicles like forklifts can seriously affect the structural integrity, meaning it is essential to prevent accidental collisions as much as possible. The importance of this must be stressed to employees, as even what looks like a small dent could be the cause of a complete racking collapse.

Ensure your warehouse layout is fit for purpose with aisles that are wide enough and a layout that is as effective as possible. If a total warehouse redesign is not on the cards, make use of clear signage.

Guard Your Racking

Make use of frame protectors and guards to keep your racking from harm. Guards can be bought for around £20, making them an extremely cost-effective way of preventing damage by offering robust protection from moving vehicles such as forklifts.

Don’t Overload

Racking failure is often caused by overloading, but this is entirely preventable. Ensure you know how much weight your racking can hold and display weight load notices when possible, especially if load changes are likely. If overloading is suspected, make sure that a safety survey is carried out, as there could be unseen structural damage.

Racking Inspections

These are a legal requirement and can help to identify pallet damage early. Inspections should be carried out annually and when there is any suspected structural damage. If you are using a third-party inspection company, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are fit for the job.


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