Simple Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean

Unlike hardwood floors or tiles, carpets are notoriously susceptible to dirt and stains. They are also, as we all know, considerably more difficult to clean. You need only think of the flash of panic and fast action that accompanies any spillage on a carpet or rug. Yet the popularity of carpets is a given, and they are all but necessary in the winter months to help conserve heat inside a home. The intricate patterns and designs that carpets and rugs regularly sport is also another reason they are an eternal mainstay of home furnishings.

Or to put it another way, carpets have been around forever, and people have been struggling with cleaning them for just as long. One effect, however, of this combination of factors is that over time a common wisdom has been built up regarding how to keep a carpet clean. Moreover, it is a wisdom that we are all familiar with. Carpet care, therefore, seems like common knowledge. Nearly everybody has one and so nearly everybody knows how to keep them clean – or do they?

If fact, there are many handy tips for keeping a carpet clean, and not all of them are as well-known as they should be. They are though all amazingly simple and not at all difficult to follow. Build up a proper carpet cleaning routine, and enforce a couple of rules about your household, and keeping your carpets clean is a breeze. Sadly, all carpets will at some point need to be replaced, but with proper carpet care you can extend the life of your home’s carpets significantly, preventing the accumulation of the dirt and damage that can lead to throwing them out early.

So, whether you are a first-time homeowner or have just invested in an expensive carpet for the first time, read on for these simple tips on how to keep it looking great.

Prevent Dirt from Getting Through the Door in the First Place

That’s right. One of the simplest and best ways to keep your carpet looking new is to prevent it even coming into contact with dirt and grime in the first place. That means stopping it at the door. And the best way to go about this is to utilize doormats – both inside and outside your home. A good rough doormat on the outside will prevent the majority of dirt being tracked into the home and a softer one on the inside can limit it further. This only works, however, if entrants to your home are actively wiping their feet, so encourage that habit.

Lose the Shoes

Of all the things that a visitor could potentially bring into your home, a pair of dirty shoes is the one that really tracks in the muck. They also have a tendency to smell bad, but unfortunately it would be considered pretty bad form to use a shoe deodorizer spray with everyone who comes through your door. You can require them to take their shoes off though. So short of whipping out the ShoeFresh, try to make shoe removal a core rule.

Use Air Filters

One of the things that can silently dirty your carpet is the accumulation within it of common household dust and other airborne pollutants. Although not particularly well-known, making use of an air filter can make a real difference here. Just be sure to clean the filter regularly.

In addition to these tips, it goes without saying that regular vacuuming and immediately cleaning stains are also essential. Put it all together, and your carpets will stand a real chance of looking great for many years.

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