Six fundamentals of effective visitor management

We all know that first impressions are important so the way your visitors are greeted and managed can make a difference to how they perceive your business. New technologies can make the reception process more efficient and save you money at the same time. Here is how an integrated management system for visitors can help.

Digital Sign In

When a visitor enters your premises digital software can take over certain tasks and free your front line staff for other work rather than simply waiting for the next visitor to arrive.

Customise the environment

Your corporate image can be defined by the digital software you use for reception of visitors. It can convey the message you choose to your visitors and make their experience easier. According to Verdict, around 40 percent of visitors to offices leave with a poor impression of the firm due to unfriendly employees, schedule delays or time consuming security checks, so it is important to make your visitors feel valued.

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Visitor registration

Sometimes pre-registration tasks can help to shorten the visitor registration process by being carried out digitally prior to person to person contact. A visitor management system such as that available from can be customised for your business. Your receptionist can be assisted or even replaced, and there are many advantages such as minimisation of human transcription errors. Your visitors will receive attention immediately they enter the office and waiting time will be minimised.

Quick connections

Digital registration allows visitors to be instantly connected with hosts who can then come to greet the guest without any other employees having to be involved. A photo can be taken and emailed to the host if they want to know what their visitor looks like. If screening is necessary, access to unwanted guests can be denied by the virtual receptionist with no awkwardness.


A virtual receptionist can record all visitor details electronically and account for all visitors on site. Access can be provided to only those visitors who have been approved, and if any documents need to be signed, this can be done before the visitor is admitted.

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In addition to tracking visitors entering the building, a digital receptionist can also record when they leave. This is helpful not only for security, but also if there is a need for emergency evacuation of the building.


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