The Benefits of Drone Photography For Real Estate

Have you ever considered if you could use drones to take pictures of your real estate listings? Well, using home drone photography in real estate provides a great way of displaying property listings, and giving your listings a “wow” factor. Aerial photography also helps people that are considering making a purchase to have a much better perspective of the homes that they are looking at.

And just as with any other cases, the benefits that come with using drones for property listing photography are well worth the costs. Even if you are an independent agent, aerial shots can help sell your properties a lot faster, and maybe even help you get higher prices.

Some of the benefits of using drones photography for real estate are as follows:

Helps you impress potential customers

Many homebuyers have become accustomed to seeing street-level images in real estate listings. As such, aerial photos will help make your posts stand out in comparison to other posts that use conventional photography. The resources and time taken in producing these shots will give off the appearance that the property is certainly worth the attention of the buyers and other parties.

Helps place the listing in context

Displaying a home in its context can help the prospects paint a picture of what it would be like for them to live there. Aerial shots are certainly a great way to capture some of the most challenging angles, some of which wouldn’t be feasible with street-level shots. For example, you may be looking to show your customers the amount of land available with the listing or display the context of the property relative to other adjacent properties.

Showcases the highlights of the listing

These features may be something like a properly manicured yard or garden, a waterfront feature, or a pool. Trying to highlight these features through street-level photos or through text will not be able to achieve the kind of picturesque appearance that aerial shots can.

Impressing other prospective clients

In case a seller is considering coming to you for help with selling their house, they most certainly will want to see how you’ve displayed homes from other sellers. If they see high-quality drone images, it might just be what they need to see to hire your firm rather than your competition. As a side point if you are in need of a property videographer then I recommended taking a look at ”property videographer near you”.

Immersive video tours of the house

Drones can also record high-quality video footage alongside photos. This gives you a way to create custom video tours of the property, which will go a long way in creating an immersive experience for potential buyers.

What are the best ways to approach drone photography for real estate?

A drone can help you create a picturesque listing, especially in the circumstances listed below:

Showcasing luxury homes

When marketing a property in the luxury segment, you want the photos to capture the best features. Drone photos will help communicate to the buyers that you’re placing a lot of attention to detail into your sales, which will raise their confidence when it comes to buying properties from you.

Highlighting the boundary of a property

If you’re selling a property in a large estate, perhaps adjacent to other properties or the land area is huge such as with a farm or ranch, drone shots will make it easy to mark boundary lines. The photos will show the likely buyer how big the property really is.

Displaying gutters and the roof

If you want to show potential buyers the quality of the roofing material or that the roofing is in great condition, drone photos will let you do this more effectively.

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