Advantages And Limitations Of NCERT solutions

Are you aspiring for IIT or NEET or IAS or PCS exams? When you have such a big exam to prepare for, you must wonder how NCERT solutions fit into your preparation. In addition, one question that might be troubling you is, “Are there any advantages and limitations to using NCERT solutions in preparation for IIT JEE, NEET, IAS, PCS?” Yes, Obviously!

What are the Advantages of NCERT Solution for this Important Examination?

If you are prepared for this topmost examination, you should go through the NCERT book and NCERT Solutions to better understand. It will help you build your foundation.

We have discussed below some points on the advantages of the NCERT book and NCERT Solution.

  • Easy to understand

This book is very easy to understand and made by the relevant subject experts for competitive examination and board exam syllabus. It’s quite interesting to mix up all of these. And also, the main things are all the topics are discussed with a simple example with a symbolic picture, which can help you understand more easily.

  • Complete coverage of the entire syllabus

 The NCERT book and NCERT solution syllabus are very authentic, and the explanations are very precise. It covers all the topics as per the requirement of both the examinations. Moreover, the topic has contributed to subject matter experts, so you are assured of its relevance, completeness, and accuracy.

  • Foundation strong

Almost all the students prefer the beginning stage of preparation for IIT, NEET, IAS, and PCS examinations for foundation building. That makes them feel very confident about the basics.

  • The core structure of the CBSE pattern

NCERT books and Solutions are strictly prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) in the Govt. School as well as Private school.

Board wants to strengthen the foundation at the beginning of a student’s career through this book.

NCERT books and NCERT solutions are not the best for all the time of preparation. So you should go for the other resources as well.

Also, we have to discuss the limitations of the NCERT book and NCERT Solutions discussed below

  • Simple definition and concept

There is no discussion in detail regarding topics in this book, only for conceptual clarity and with some pictures for understanding.

  • Factual Mistake

One of the big problems in NCERT’s book and NCERT’s solution is factual mistakes. It’s very normal due to this book being updated in a five to ten-year gap, so it will take time to update. And it is very difficult to update factual data per year.

  • Outdated figure

As per our previous discussion, in this book, most concepts and figure data are shown by pictures to understand school students better. Unfortunately, the pictures are very low quality and difficult to identify the story.

There are some advantages and limitations of the NCERT book and solutions; kindly read and apply carefully for your preparation. I hope it is going to help you in your preparation journey. If you need any help from our side, you can comment below for better conversation.


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