Things that couriers can learn from Santa

Santa could be said to be the most-loved courier in the world. He’s known the whole world over and once a year changes the lives of millions of children. Imagine the pressure to deliver under such time constraints and the enormous workload that he has to load onto his sleigh. Every day couriers could look to Santa as the ultimate teacher.

Here are some lessons that couriers could learn from good old Father Christmas:

  1. No delivery is too large

It has been estimated that Santa delivers more than 526 million presents on one night. Did you know that that is four times as many parcels as Royal Mail delivered the whole of last year. Santa is the perfect example of dedication and fulfilling the dreams and wishes of his customers, the children of the world. Surely this acts as an inspiration for all the couriers out there. For Same day Courier Service, visit ALLABOUTFREIGHT.

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  1. Tracking matters

Did you know that you can track Santa’s progress as he flies through the skies on Christmas Eve. The NORAD and Google Santa tracking app get millions of hits every Christmas Eve, proving that people love to see the progress of their deliveries. Taking that into consideration, couriers are always working to improve the delivery tracking process and make it as transparent as possible for their customers.

  1. International delivery

Santa makes international delivery look easy. Perhaps his team of elves do all the paperwork for him, giving him pre-clearance to visit hundreds of different countries before he sets off. With this in mind, courier companies also want to make it as simple as possible for their customers to send parcels abroad, as easy as sending a parcel within the UK in fact.

  1. Speed and service go hand in hand

Santa moves at an incredible pace or he wouldn’t get all his deliveries done. It has been estimated that his sleigh would have to travel at 650 miles per second! You’d think at that speed that Santa might get a bit sloppy, but every present is delivered in perfect condition. That’s because Santa cares about every single delivery he makes.

Seeing Santa’s absolute commitment to delivering quality has inspired couriers to carry out their deliveries in a similar fashion. There are many more parcels to be delivered at this time of year, but they are all important and precious to someone, financially and emotionally.

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  1. Taking notice of the feedback

You might be mistaken for thinking that Santa has an easy time on the other 364 days a year. However, the other part of his job is to read all the thousands of letters he receives from children asking for something special for next Christmas.

To take a leaf out of Santa’s book, courier companies must listen to the feedback they get form their customers. By understanding what their needs and wants are, they will know how to make each delivery that bit more careful and special.

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