Director KrishJagarlamudi's Aha Original Web Series Masti's

Mastis is a fun and completely captivating web series in telugu. Mastitis is only open on Aha. you will like the whole story and the breeze in this web series. This web series will make you your day. This web series will train you a lot of things, for instance, being steadfast in a relationship and some more. This web series has various characters which have different levels of good life. Mastis will add the light to the day and heaps of laughing. Web series like these are completely serious, energetic and connecting all the while. Watch Mastis web series online for it’s remarkable story.


Mastis is a web series which can relate all the people. There is no age social occasion or anything which won’t get ready for marriage. The web series will have a great time. Mastis this isn’t just the title of the series, it’s the place where the story goes. An enormous part of the series happens in the most magnificent spot called mastic which was dominated by Pranav to his shocking life partner Guari. This spot has a huge load of affiliations, so the story begins thusly, pranav blesses this Mastis to gauri. Since they have piles of memories in that place. Pranav is adequately rich to get her that place. Anand Is the overseer of Mastis. Lekha is his love, who in like manner works at mastis. He makes the most of her so much anyway she isn’t at all enthused about him regardless of the way that he is a good person. Tanya has a melodic band who endeavors to play at mastis. They truly play there a lot of times. Watch the web series to know how they are related, and how their lives are interrelated. How their lives change at the same time.

Technical Aspects:

  • Mastis is an excited web series which runs on a lovely note. All the characters have worked viably to get the emotions right. Mastis story is very stand-out and extraordinarily comparable to all. It’s the best web series in telugu.
  • This web series has the best melodic touch. Since tanya is a craftsman all telugu splendid songs were changed and sang, it was superb to check out.
  • This web series has a nice territory, which suggests the mastis bistro is exquisite to find. The vibe and the set is great.
  • The web series has incredible cinematography, this made it look better on screen.

Artists Performance:

They were enthusiastic and connectable. Principle leads in the web series are truly obvious. The series will be truly agreeable to observe only for the instance of the cast.

Additional Information:

Season: 1

Runtime: 8 Episodes 22 minutes each.

Released: 22 April 2020

Gener: Romance, Drama

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Navdeep, SiddharthGollapudi, Prudhvi Raj Sampara, Raja Chembolu.

Actress: ChandiniChowdary, BindhuMadhavi, Hebah Patel, Akshara Gowda.

Writer: RadhaKrishnaJagarlamudi.

Produce: Sai BabuJagarlamudi, Y. Rajeev Reddy

Music Director: Smaransai

Cinematography: Manojh Reddy

Watch web series online on Aha in a manner of speaking.


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