Are These the New Trends of Retail?

Advertising strategies are always changing. The need to find new ways to bring in customers is constant, with tactics that previously worked slowly but surely becoming stale. This is why retailers are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to ensure that customers want to view and, essentially, purchase their products. Here are just some of the new trends that could be expected over the next decade.

Future Trends

Technology is always evolving, and so one of the new trends expected revolves around the inclusion of artificial intelligence. Eyes scanners could record visitors’ previous purchases, which could lead to individual recommendations. There could even be new style mirrors which allow customers to see virtual versions of themselves wearing potential purchases.

With the shift to eco-friendly products becoming more popular, an emphasis on renting rather than buying may be prevalent, with pop-up shops and temporary shops featuring. Health and wellbeing are also important, with mindfulness workshops and greener areas, such as sensory areas and allotments, featuring.

There may also be more opportunities to learn about the products with live events allowing customers to view crafts being made in front of their eyes and the encouragement for more audience participation.

Previous Successful Strategies

It was previously predicted that more and more companies will use the camera as a way of interacting with their customers in 2018, which is why it is no surprise that online retails Boohoo and ASOS, amongst many more, are avid fans of the Snapchat app. This is not expected to change, with the younger generation continuing to be heavily influenced by what they see on their mobile screens.

The use of music for business is another strategy which is sure to continue, with music often evoking heavy emotions. Similarly, Scent Marketing is gaining in popularity, with those using the approach well aware that scent is the strongest sense linked with memory. If retailers can make their customers feel a certain way just by the use of music and scent, they can continue to draw them in and influence the way they see their products.

With many retail trends starting to lose momentum, it may not be long before retailers take on some of the new strategies to increase both online and physical visitors, and therefore increase their sales.


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