Enhance your kitchen with open shelving

There is no need to keep all of your kitchenware hidden away. If you want to display your favourite crockery or utensils, open shelving may be the way to go. This increasingly popular trend is a method of adding modern style to your kitchen.

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Style and personality
Firstly and perhaps most importantly, any design choice in your kitchen is a chance to show off your own style. With open shelving increasing your opportunities for displaying your possessions, it represents another way for you to bring your own personality to the kitchen. Whether you prefer modern, traditional or a mix of both, whether you like the simple or the elaborate, whether your preferred colours are dark or bright, your choice of shelving and what you use it to store can say a lot about you.

Whilst style is important, you also want your kitchen to be comfortable and somewhere you can feel at home. A few pieces of your favourite crockery on display, especially if they are in a traditional style, can really add some warmth. More advice on keeping those homely, cosy touches in a modern kitchen is easily available.

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Bright and airy
You do not, however, want your kitchen to feel crowded. The modern trend in decoration is to aim for more open rooms. This allows more light, providing a brighter aesthetic as well as a more practical working space. Open shelves are just one part of creating this atmosphere.

One place in which open shelving can contribute to your décor is in its colour scheme. A popular modern look is monochrome, and a striking black shelf set with equally striking white crockery will certainly catch the eye.

Gold and copper
Another way in which colour schemes can be reinforced through open shelving is by highlighting any copper pans or gold decoration in your kitchen. Industrial décor is highly fashionable at the moment. Viewing a retailer such as rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving is a clear indicator of the popularity of the industrial style in residential shelving Ireland households like to have. Displaying your copper utensil on an open shelf is the perfect embodiment of the industrial theme.

You can also go for a more subtle colour scheme. If your kitchen is white, white shelves and crockery will keep everything unobtrusive. Open shelves do not have to dominate your space.


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