Gift ideas for your first Christmas as a married couple

Once you’ve celebrated your special day and all the wedding planning stress is a thing of the past, now is the time to relax and revel in the warm after-glow and enjoy your time as newly-weds. The most exciting time is your first Christmas together as a married couple. Here are some sweet ideas to make your first Christmas romantic without breaking the bank.

First Married Cards

The first holiday season is the perfect time for a special celebration card. Something highly personal and sentimental would make a great choice. Celebrate the fact that you’ve found the Mrs Claus to your Santa and vice versa.

First Married Tree Decorations

Decorating the tree is a magical time for any family but even more so when it’s your first as a married couple. Treat yourselves to personalised baubles marking the year that you wed which can be hung every year as a lovely memento.

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Other ideas include wooden matching mittens to hang on the tree with your names and date of wedding etched onto them. Every year when you decorate the tree together, you’ll be reminded of your special day. Any type of decoration can be personalised, including beautiful etched glass decorations.

Wedding photo ideas

Why not turn some of your wonderful wedding photos into a Christmas tree decoration? What better way to celebrate your special day each year than with a stunning display of your favourite images right there on your tree for all to see? Take your fave pic and encase it in a glass bauble to start a new family tradition.


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Personalised Cheese Board

Christmas is the perfect excuse for indulging in cheese – and lots of it. For all you cheese lovers out there, treat yourselves to a personalised cheese board with your names and wedding date. Enjoy your cheese course and great memories at the same time.

First Married Candle

A personalised candle is another attractive ornament that can be put on display each Christmas as a new tradition. Whether you light it and enjoy cosy, romantic nights in or keep it as a memento – it makes a great gift for your partner.

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The Festive Jumper

Make the current trend for weird and wonderful Christmas jumpers even more meaningful this year by finding Mr and Mrs matching ones. Jumpers can also be purchased with ‘First Christmas as Mrs…’ and personalised to make them even more adorable!

First Christmas Socks

Giving socks as a gift is a little naff and a bit of a joke, but not if they’re ‘First Christmas Married’ socks! Find a matching pair for snuggling up together in front of the fire and make sock-giving great again.

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