Grain-free Turkey Meals For Your Dog: Say Goodbye to Bloating, Allergies and Deficiencies in your pooch

Canines need tons of protein. That is the cardinal truth that no one can deny.

Your pooch needs food that is high in protein, energy, and other necessary nutrients. Sometimes, dogs have health problems not very different from ours. They can have weight management problems, diabetes, allergies, and digestive issues similar to human beings.

Just like us, they, too, need exceptional food that can take care of their gut health and overall health without causing any deficiencies. For example, beef, wheat, and corn are common ingredients of any standard dog food. That sounds quite healthy and scrumptious unless your pup has gluten sensitivity or an allergic reaction to beef.

How is turkey-based grain-free food healthy and tasty?

On the other hand, turkey grain-free dog food has not caused any allergic reactions so far. Turkey meat does not have the proteins that lead to allergic reactions in dogs frequently. The absence of grains also makes the food gluten-free, thus eliminating the risk of any gluten-sensitivity reaction in your best bud.

The top-ranked turkey grain free dog food can contain the following ingredients – the majority of the protein content between 40% and 50% comes from turkey, the vegetables are the primary sources of carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) come from the turkey as well.

Some brands even add Flax seed oil or omega-3-fatty acids in the mix. Both alpha-linoleic acid and omega-3-fatty acids have Cardio-protective properties. Additionally, they boost the immune system and protect your dog from the common infections of the skin and stomach. They give the overall metabolism a gentle boost, which can help your pooch shed the extra pounds he or she has been struggling with for the last few months.

How can smaller dog breeds benefit from a turkey grain-free diet?

Grain-free dog food with turkey is a smart choice for all breeds. Turkey is an excellent source of white meat that is easy to digest. It is ideal for the smaller breeds who require high-quality but low bulk protein. Dachshunds, miniature schnauzers, beagles, corgis, and Russell terriers love turkey-based grain-free dog food.

Long-term consumption of the same food does not cause deficiency diseases due to the full spectrum of Amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals present in this formulation. Moreover, grain-free food soothes the GI tract of those with high gluten sensitivity. The absence of corn, oats, soy, and wheat makes them especially suitable for senior dogs who have trouble processing complex carbs.

How can grain-free food help dogs with bloating and digestive disorders?

Grain-free food is also an excellent option for those pooches who suffer from bloating problems frequently. Bloating is often the result of the improper digestion of the carbohydrates and plant-based fibers your dog is eating. Sometimes, the digestive system of a carnivore has trouble digesting plant-based proteins, fibers, and carbs.

If that is what is happening to your pup, you can try switching him or her to a limited diet of turkey grain-free dog food for the time being. The elimination of complex carbs and heavy plant-based compounds from the diet can help you determine if your puppy has any food sensitivities.

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