How to make sola wood flowers

Trying new things is all that humans have craved since their existence. Ranging from lighting a fire by rubbing stones up to making most advanced aero-jets, the quench for knowledge and advancement never settled down. They even seek small things to recover big in the future. This idea gave rise to making sola wood flowers from naturally extracted tapioca bark. The bark after getting scrapped off is treated and after making their sheets, transformed into the wooden flowers. As the art spread, people started taking more interest in it. People tend to become eager about how to make sola wood flowers by themselves. These wooden flowers are easy to make. All you need is passion and consistency to learn and you will easily master the skills and earn its benefits.

How to make sola wood flowers

This is one of the most highlighted questions among people about wood flowers. There are so many sola wood flowers making ways available. We are here explaining some easy steps to cover this art. Once you get into the practice, have faith you can avail of the benefits within no time. All you have to work and polish your skills. So stay tuned and look ahead

You will need:

  • A hand plane
  • A hot glue gun with glue sticks.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Pieces of wood.

Step number 1: Create shavings for wood flowers

Get a piece of sola wood and make shavings with them. They must be of adequate thickness as well as fine enough to get transformed into the required shape as per your choice of wooden flower. You can have about 15-20 shavings according to the need of size you want to extend.

Step number 2: Cut down the wooden shavings

One by one, separate the wooden shavings in the shape which you need. You can try any of the petal styles that you want to see. Even, there is a way for you to get an example in front of you so you could have imagination correlated with the practical grounds. This could be far easier to idealize on your own. If you are newbie, we will guide you to stay limited to the number of sepals you work on. This will increase the neatness of your work.

Step number 3: Stick the petals together

Since you have completed the sepals, you can start to curl and stick them one by one. You must be sure that you initiated with the most central curve first and later on rotate around the outside.

Step number 4: Put on a stem on your wooden flowers

Once you are done with your wooden flower, set it aside for a few hours. This will make things to get firmed for further stemming procedure. For this step, you can have any type of wire but the most suitable one is 18-gauge wire. You can avail it from any of the nearby shops that are around you. You don’t need to worry about that.


Since you have gained enough details about how to make wood flowers, you can start gathering your material from today. Once, you start making them there is no way back. You can avail so many favors from them. Step ahead and get ready.

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