How your boiler and central heating system works

You probably don’t give it too much thought but there is a quite a bit of engineering going on in your home. The simple radiator and central heating system is quite a piece of work. Throughout the house there is an organised system of copper pipes that link together your boiler and the radiators.  It’s an impressive system that does need to be looked after and that’s why you need the help of a Gloucester boiler servicing firm like the one at this address . If there is a problem, you should not try and fix it yourself. Leave it to the professionals. Let’s have a look at what is used to get your central heating system and boiler working.

As we said before the system is a series of copper piping that runs throughout the house as one whole unit. The radiators are just a length of a pipe that bends back and forth to condense the heat. These are then covered in metal or ceramic as you do not want to be touching the copper pipe. This is the radiator. The condensed heat from the copper pipes warms up the metal or ceramic and it radiates heat out into the room. How then does the water get hot and into the system in the first place? For that we need to look at another stage.

The water is heated by natural gas controlled and contained in the boiler itself. When you set the timer to come on the water is heated up to a temperature that is a roundabout 60 degrees. The system uses a thermostat to regulate this. It cannot be too high for if the water boils then all you’ll get in your system is steam. This will create air pockets so that the water cannot flow around the system. You’ll notice this when a radiator is warm at the base but not all the way through. This where you will need to bleed the radiator of the air and allow the flow to continue.

The heated water is pumped through the system via a water pump. This really is an essential part of the system as it makes sure that the flow of water is consistent and goes throughout the whole system. If there are any issues with the pump, then the heated water is not going to go anywhere. As a result, you won’t have a central heating system that is any way effective.

The central heating system as a whole is an efficient system that is does a pretty good job warming the house, but it does need to be looked after if that situation is going to continue. It might be an idea to give the firm above a click.



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