Back Pain: How to Get Better Sleep

Are you suffering from back pain? Well, it has been discovered that back pain is the leading cause of disability around the world. When you have back pain, getting a lovely night of sleep can be nearly impossible. The process of changing positions all night with pain can make you lose focus on activities the next day.

With this in mind, it sometimes comes as a surprise to many that severe conditions do not cause back pain. The leading causes of back pain are poor body postures, fixed sleeping positions, and the living conditions of an individual.

Below are some of the best tips that can help you manage a good sleep when experiencing pain during the night.

Place a Pillow Under Your Abdomen While Sleeping On Your Stomach

There are different types of pillows and choosing a poor one can cause more harm than good. Low-quality pillows can cause neck pain and muscle contractions. Therefore, when looking for a pillow, make sure you invest in the best pillow for neck or back pain to minimize any pain. The best pillows to use when experiencing back pain are the ones made of memory foam. Memory foam is designed to make the pillow adapt to your body and also support it while sleeping.

The act of sleeping with a pillow under the abdomen can help in relieving tension and stress. It also allows you to relax after a long day at work.

Place a Pillow Under Your Knees While Laying On Your Back

Laying on your back is the best position to sleep in while experiencing back pain. Experts highly recommend it. The position involves:

  • Sleeping on your back facing upwards
  • Take an extra pillow and place it underneath your knees. While doing this, make sure you place your spine in a neutral position.

The pillow has great significance in this position. It enables the lower back to create a curve in the spine. Sleeping on your back allows you to distribute weight evenly, thus relieving any tension and pain. The pressure is controlled, and your body organs align well.

Place a Pillow Between Your Knees While Sleeping on Your Side

Everyone has a position that they prefer to sleep in. Some are back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and some side sleepers. This position, however, can also help in relieving back pain. To relieve any pain or tension while sleeping on your side entails sleeping on either the right or left side of your body and placing a pillow between your knees.

The number of pillows to use can differ; some like to use one while others like to use more. It’s advisable not to use too many pillows as it can lead to muscle spasms. Sleeping on your side also enables the body to align itself better.

Quality of the Mattress Used

The condition of the mattress being used can help relieve back pain. It is advisable to go for a mattress made of high-quality material such as latex. The mattress needs to be pressure relieving also. Old mattresses which have been in use for quite some time should be replaced with new ones. Consider getting the best mattress for back pain.

Someone suffering from lower back pain needs a firm mattress and not a soft one. The kind of mattress chosen will either aid in relieving the pain or increase the pain. It is, therefore, crucial to know the type of mattress which is appropriate. There are many conditions to consider when choosing.

Stop Oversleeping and Overstaying in Bed

You should not be tempted to overstay in bed when experiencing excruciating back pain. The thought of going to lie down when experiencing any pain should be squashed. Back pain is likely to increase if you lie down. Oversleeping in bed due to lower back pains will only enable the pain to prevail rather than subside.

The pressure applied to the body when lying down substantially increases the pain felt. A time limit should be considered when lying down. A period of more than eight hours is not advisable. Therefore, make it a point to get out of bed the moment you awaken in the morning.

Create a Routine for the Night

A regular night routine can help in preserving back pain. Sleeping hours can be the first routine to follow. An eight-hour sleep is the recommended time. Staying in bed longer than the time allocated will only lead to more back pain.

The time it takes you to sleep should also be factored in the routine. Exercising before going to sleep can be included in your routine. Exercising before your bedtime can also create a sense of serenity to the nervous system. Make sure you carry out the set routine every day to create a habit.

Listen to Music Before Bed

The body can learn to control pain. The continuous experience of pain makes the body adapt to it. The best way to unlearn the body from feeling pain is by focusing on other things. The art of meditation can greatly contribute to relieving back pain.

Listening to soft music when experiencing pain helps in getting your mind to focus on the music rather than the pain. One can easily forget he/she was in pain when enjoying music. This tip is easy and straightforward and yields great results.

Get to Know the Appropriate Body Support and How It Aids Back Pain

Adjusting sleeping positions during the night can help maintain back pain. The spinal cord is designed in a way that allows the body to move in whichever direction it chooses. The body can still maintain this function during sleep.

While sleeping, the body engages in movement and conforms to spaces. The body may sometimes curve too far, thus creating undue stress on the muscles located within the spine. When this occurs, the nerves contact, thus resulting in pain.

Therefore, get to know which sort of positions work best to minimize pain and prevent it from recurring.

Put Away Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are known to disrupt the natural circadian rhythm. They prevent you from getting adequate and restful sleep. Instead, electronics of various kinds add more stress to your life.

Carrying out meditation, breathing exercises, and visual imagery can help you let go of daily stress. The routine you choose to follow needs to be adhered to strictly. This will help the body adapt to the routine and will send signals to the brain when it’s time to sleep. The above tips can significantly help relieve back pain and help you get better sleep throughout the night.

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