Lisa Dudzik Perth talks About the Reasons to Visit Western Australia

Australia is a land of wild wonders, scenic destinations, and exotic culture treasures. Lisa Dudzik, a native Australian, talks about how the western part of this country especially boasts of 365 days of sunshine and is an ideal travel site to explore for people across the globe.  In her own blog, Lisa Dudzik Perth mentions that it is extremely easy to fall in love the rugged wild beaches that lie along the east coast of this destination.

Lisa Dudzik underlines why western part of Australia is an ideal travel destination

Western AU provides people with the incredible chance to swim from the shore to a coral reef under an endless beautiful blue sky.  Here travellers also get the exceptional opportunity to discover diverse types of rock formations, spot kangaroos on the beach, as well as enjoy an exceptional food and wine scene.Lisa Dudzik, in herblog highlights thevariousxotic sites to visit in Western Australia, especially its Capital City. The capital city of western AU is Perth, a land of charming white-sand beaches and spectacular cityscape. There are a plethora of reasons why it would be a good idea for people to visit Western Australia. Here are some of them:

  • Cool and hip city vibes in Perth: Lisa Dudzik Perth in her blog gives a major emphasis on how the Capital City of Western AU is full of a distant charm and character. Here people can find the Elizabeth Quay located close to the city center, featuring an exciting water play area, Reveley rooftop, sculptures, as well as water play area. The summer pop up of the quay additionally tends to have a changing line-up of drink and food trucks offering a host of options, right from pint of craft beer to delicious Argentine steaks. People can alternatively opt to dine nearby at the revolving, 33rd floor C Restaurant that is famed for offering diners with spectacular views. To get their groove on, people can check out the hip port of Freemantle, as well as visit the open-air cinemas, outdoor music events and the much popular annual Perth Arts Festival here.
  • The beautiful beach life: The beach culture is essentially a part of the daily life of the people living in Western Australia owing to the fact that most of its population lives beside the Indian Ocean. Hillarys Boat Harbour that is located just to the north of Perth is especially an incredibly popular local weekend destination. This site features the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) and a dedicated kids’ beach, along with a host of premier dining destinations nations. A host of beachside accommodation facilities can additionally be found along this region. The beaches of Western AU typically offer people with opportunities for sea-fishing tours, as well as activities like kayaking and kite-surfing.
  • Whale watching opportunities: Ningaloo Reef provides people with once in a lifetime chance to swim with whale sharks, as well as jump into the briny with humpbacks. Humpback whales essentially migrate from Antarctica up the Western Australia coast.

To get a better insight on the places to visit western AU, people can easily check out Lisa Dudzik Perth’s blog.

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