Why Everyone is Moving to Dallas?

This town is enthusiastic about sports. If you love sports, you will love it here. Each league has a team, whether it is football, baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer. You can cheer for the home team, 365 days out of the year! If that isn’t enough, we love high school football too. Just watch or read the movie based off a Dallas high school football team (Friday Night Lights). So, if you are passionate about sports, move here!


Do you love restaurants? Want to experience the many flavors of food? Dallas has the most restaurants! The people here love to go out and eat and have many places to choose from. You could not possibly get tired of the options. In a separate category of its’ own, Dallas is mainly known for the barbecue because it is amazing!

The People

Dallas people are the best people! We are friendly! It is not unusual to hear someone saying “Sir, Ma’am and Howdy, whenever they talk. Come and visit before you buy one of the homes in Dallas and you too may begin to speak with the Texas drawl. It can be pleasantly surprising just how friendly many people are, especially if you are coming from an area where being rude is the norm.

No Income Tax

Probably one of the most appealing reasons to move to Dallas is because there are no state income tax. We don’t have to tell you how great that is. Everyone, for the most part, loves keeping more of their hard-earned money!

State Fair in Texas

One of Dallas’s main attractions is the State Fair in Texas. It takes place annually and many residents look forward to seeing what it has to offer. About 14,000 people show up on the first day! The Showdown, a football game between the Longhorns and the Sooners can be witnessed during the fair. Needless to say, the State Fair in Texas is a great time to enjoy with family and friends.


The grounds for moving to Dallas would not be complete without mentioning jobs! The employment rate here is high. Big companies are here, and more are coming. This city is a corporation’s dream! Many manufacturing plants, headquarters or shipping hubs call it home also. Many jobs on top of the low cost of living make it a great area to call home.

Farmer’s Market

Let us say that barbeque and everything being deep-fried is not for you and/or your family; Dallas has a huge farmer’s market too. It actually has the largest farmer’s market in the US and is opened every day, all year round. So, if you like fresh, healthy and nutritious food, you once again will love it here.

Cost of Housing

The Housing prices in Dallas are low, when compared to the national average. As it continues to build and expand, prices do go up, but the economy also increases. So, it makes it easier to become a homeowner in Dallas!

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