7 Myths of Neelam Stone

A neelam stone, known as blue sapphire on a global scale is a precious gemstone, that is a variety of a mineral named corundum with traces of elements irontitanium, copper, magnesium or chromium. It is blue in colour, thus “neelam” which translates into “blue” from Hindi. In common practice, sapphires are cut / polished into gemstones to be worn as jewellery. Other usages may include industrial / decorative purposes in large crystal boules, as wristwatch crystals, as infrared optical components, high-durability windows, movement bearings, thin electronic wafers, as insulating substrates, etc.

What is its astrological significance?

Astrologically, wearing a blue sapphire ensures protection against danger, terror, travel problems, theft, accidents, and the like. It is also considered to be a boon that accelerates financial gains at an alarming rate, better a person’s career, eventually drawing in surplus wealth that in turn reduces mental anxiety. It also stabilises a person’s wants and needs, making him detached and protects against envy and evil spirits.

Despite this, the Neelam stone is said to be the powerful Karmic Planet of Shani (Saturn) in Vedic Astrology. The effects of the same are very powerful as many have reported instant impact on wearing a Neelam Stone.

Where is it found for purchase?

Neelam stones are found in almost all countries but significant deposits are found in Eastern Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, East Africa(Brazil), Ceylon, Burma, Vietnam, India, Madagascar, and North America. Kashmir receives a high premium of sapphire, although Burma and Sri Lanka also produce large quantities of quality gems.

What the myths surrounding the use of a Neelam Stone?

  • A Blue Sapphire gemstone is traditionally considered to have an unfavourable influence, the native may start having eye related problems, get into accidents, experience financial losses or as simple as fall ill. Whereas, if it is of an auspicious conduct, the native’s disease will be cured, it will flourish in finance and career or start feeling positive.
  • It is a very powerful stone that gives a clear indication to its wearer within 72 hours whether it is suiting him or not. Cerebral pain or a leg torment as it needs to adjust to the body. Injury, accidents, bad news, bad dreams, financial loss is quantifiable indication that the neelam is not suiting.
  • Wearing blue sapphire strikes luck in business ventures. A blue sapphire is directly linked to the chance of excelling at business having an evident and substantial growth with growing opportunities. People especially running businesses of export / import, vehicles, shipping, transport product, production of minerals, Iron ore, petroleum, spare components, Iron and Steel or similar ones are recommended to wear a neelam stone for bringing in fortune and nourishment to the same.
  • Blue sapphire helps scale back the adverse effects of Shani (Saturn) in one’s horoscope that leads to health, family, career, marriage, fortune disasters. Here, if Shani is weak in your horoscope, the blue sapphire may bring fame and fortune to your life.
  • It is considered to give guaranteed peace of mind, tranquillity, happiness in life / family / career and enhances spiritual enlightenment.
  • Unnerving, bad dreams and loss of concentration are also considered as effects of an “angry” neelam stone. Other ill effects also include over optimism, false hopes, gambling, carelessness, debts, disputes, unnecessary worries, vanity, gluttony and unusual growth.
  • Most people believe that a blue sapphire is something that does not suit anyone and everyone. But, in that case, every gemstone in the Navratnas is not meant for universal use by all types of people, which make the theory of “suiting, not suiting” totally incorrect.


Why most people are very fearful of Neelam is because it always gives almost extreme results that are inclined either towards the negative or the positive. The very thought of “What if” gives out a negative response that further enables people into believing into ill fate.  So, even if Saturn is considered a benefice in horoscope, while wearing a Neelam, it is recommended to be tested and checked for its hidden influences.






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