The fitness levels needed for five-a-side football

Five-a-side is a fun and fast-paced variation of association football in which the main difference is in the name. Instead of the traditional 11 players a side, there are only 10 players on the pitch in total. Many people think that this reduction in pitch size and number of players means that the game is easier. It can in fact require more strength and stamina to play this version rather than the traditional game of football.

During this version of the game, the match length is also reduced and the pitch size is somewhat smaller to compensate for the number of players.

Despite the reduced pitch size, the game is still incredibly active, and requires a high level of fitness. Studies have shown that playing this sport does more for your fitness than jogging, and our money is on it being far more enjoyable than simply going for a run! What is the best way to prepare your fitness for the challenging but rewarding sport this summer?

Play it!

As with most sports, the best way is simply to get involved. Once you know the basic rules of the game, join in to get an idea of how it works, when it comes to sports, it is better to learn by doing rather than by listening or watching. Nobody expects you to be a superstar right away, so don’t be afraid of throwing yourself into the game – you may surprise yourself!

If you can’t find an established team to join, simply set up your own five-a-side team! You can find some great Football Kits to help your players feel like one team. Football kits from kitking can be found in a variety of colours and styles so you can be sure to find something that your team will feel comfortable and look stylish in. You could start an after work team and gather together some of your colleagues to join in or perhaps rope in some of your friends to start a weekend league together.

Take every chance to get fit

Whether you work outdoors, at home or in an office, there are fitness opportunities to be seized all around you; you just have to look for them! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and use your lunch break to go for a walk or even a jog if you’re feeling brave. Prepare a healthy lunch instead of grabbing something greasy from the fast food restaurant across the road. All of these things will help you get fit. It is during the work day that people often find that they move around very little, especially if they are in office based positions.

Measure your progress

Using a diary or an app on your smartphone is a great way to set targets and measure your progress so you can stay focussed. Whether you are measuring the distance you’ve run over the past week, the calories you’ve burned in your workout, or even your weight loss since beginning your training, we guarantee you’ll see a vast improvement over time, and this will motivate you to continue!

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