Is broken pipe an emergency situation?

Many people think leaking pipes are minor problems and there is no need to address it quickly. It is in fact a problem which should be properly repaired by professional to prevent it from becoming serious. A small leakage can become a serious problem due to constant leaking and pressure of water.

A small leakage can be repaired quickly in low cost and little time but on the other hand broken pipe become complicated, expensive and stressful, severely damaging the property. Broken pipes need substantial repairing of your plumbing system.

Even small leaks can waste gallons of water through dripping and increase your monthly water utility bills. It is advisable to deal with minor plumbing issues at early stage to avoid plumbing emergencies and call local emergency plumbers immediately. Broken pipes can cause flooding in basements, damage the roofs, walls and wooden floorboards and insulation permanently.

There are many reasons of pipe lines leakage and bursting behind the walls:

Corrosion and rust

Broken joints and seals

Nails and screws rupturing the pipe lines when driven into wall

Damaged and poorly insulated walls

Frozen pipes

High water pressure

Construction or rebuilding damage

Basements are flooded commonly due to water from broken pipes, leaking pipes, clogged drains, water heater problems or malfunctioning of washing machine, causes devastative damage to structure and objects placed there. This is an emergency situation and requires local emergency plumber immediately to help to repair and restore basement.

You can look for the source of water in basement. If it is not rain water then it must be due to plumbing problem. This is a technical issue and not possible to resolve on your own. Water cause damages very quickly and cannot be left untreated.

Emergency plumbers are equipped with tools to extract, dry, sanitize, dehumidifier and eliminate moisture completely after resolving the source of flooding and fault of plumbing effectively. They use moisture detector to absolute elimination of water to prevent mold growth.

Plumbing Pros have years of training and experience in dealing with plumbing issues of flooded   basements as well as other areas of house. They are providing local plumbing services to residential and commercial buildings successfully for many years. They are available to provide services to all size building plumbing requirements and problems alike. They are qualified and skilled professionals to meet all your plumbing needs, be it a new installation or a repair job or regular maintenance or an emergency situation. They are reliable and confidently handle various plumbing situations to customer’s satisfaction.

To prevent small leaks into plumbing emergencies, keep check and balance on water meter reader. Take notice if water pressure becomes lower. Look closely at damp and bumpy walls. Check your ceilings for leakage. Take notice of water-logged area in your house or courtyard. Take notice of any noises in pipelines and get a plumber to check. Get regular maintenance of your plumbing system to avoid big plumbing emergencies.

Leakage in pipes is usually not very obvious and remains unnoticed for a long time. But if you experienced such things immediately call a local plumber.

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