The benefits of column radiators

There is nothing more important to a British home than a trustworthy and efficient system that provides enough heat, and it is really no surprise that the consistently most popular choice is some form of central heating and radiator system.

Amongst the many options available to buyers, it is column style radiators that are the best sellers. These are appreciated for their versatile designs, efficiency, good looks and low maintenance needs, so let’s look at these points in more detail.

Versatile good looks

Whatever the shape or size, this retro-style heating system is always easy on the eye. It goes further than this, however, as the radiators come in a variety of colours and both vertical and horizontal models, leaving you free to make the most of your space without losing a large section to a traditional-looking radiator. Tall, vertical models also provide heat in spaces in which a standard radiator simply could not fit, making them an invaluable asset for small or awkwardly-shaped rooms.

There are plenty of variations on the traditional radiator look to choose from, along with a range of contemporary takes on the style. These tend to look particularly good in modern bathrooms.

Lean, mean, heat machines

You won’t have to put up with hot and cold spots in your rooms, as these radiators are designed to expel heat evenly from all sections. This radiant-style heating approach makes warming even the largest rooms in your home or office quite easy, even if they have high ceilings. Compared with panel radiators, they have a larger overall surface area, which means column radiators both give off more heat and heat up faster.

Easy to install and care for

Horizontal radiators can utilise the existing pipework for panel radiator, so there is no need to do lots of DIY or plumbing to make the switch. For easy maintenance, opt for a stainless steel version sourced from a specialist such as to be sure it is high-quality.

Radiators designed in a column style are hardwearing, easy to clean and maintain, and – of course – they look amazing. You get to enjoy the much-loved retro Victorianesque look, with or without a very 21st-century take on the design, whilst avoiding the problematic cast iron materials used back in the day.


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