A Guide to Visiting Egypt in the Summer

Egypt mainly has two seasons: summer and winter. Summer starts in May and lasts until October, and Winter starts in November and runs through to April. It is dry in Egypt during the summer and at certain periods of the day things can be scorching, thus this season of the year is deemed the off-season for tourism. Nevertheless, even with the desert heat, visiting Egypt in the Summer shouldn’t put you off. Although the weather may be milder during Winter, there are some advantages to touring Egypt during the Summer.

In this read, we look at the benefits of visiting Egypt in May, June, July, August, and September (note that things tend to cool at the end of September and October) in addition to tips, things to do and see, basics to pack, and what to expect weather-wise.

The Benefits of Touring Egypt in the Summertime

You’ll Encounter Fewer Tourists

Nobody is looking to repel scores of other tourists while on holiday. During the peak season in Egypt, monuments, tombs, mosques, and other top attractions will likely be brimming with visitors, which means tours will take longer. When you stay in line for an extended duration, it means that you will miss out on visiting some of the locations on your bucket list. When you visit during the hottest season of the year, chances are that you won’t experience these large crowds. Travelling to Egypt in the Summer will enable you to have enough time on your hands to explore Egypt’s culture and history, take in the desert views, and capture memorable photos to last a lifetime.

Some Prices May Be Lower

Given how summertime is the off-season, flights, hotel prices, and overall Egypt tour packages may be priced at a reduced rate compared to the high season. Depending on the duration of your vacation, visiting Egypt in the summertime could cut hundreds of dollars off your holiday cost. That means you will have more souvenir cash to splurge on at Khan-el-Khalili, Cairo’s renowned souk. And what’s more, you can book a luxurious suite as your accommodation.

Air-Conditioned Private Transportation Will Ensure You Remain Cool

Regardless of how steamy the Nile gets, you have the alternative of touring in a private AC tour van when you book a tour. A comfortable temperature-controlled transport will do you a world of good when visiting your top destinations in the hot summer months.

Things to See and Do in Egypt

Spend time on Egypt’s Beautiful Beaches

Although chances are that beaches won’t necessarily get less traffic in the hot, sunny weather, summer is a great time to take in Egypt’s coast. Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada should be in the top two of your must-visit destinations if you are planning to visit Egypt in the summer. You’ll experience the sunshine as much as 14 hours a day – suitably for water sports, swimming, wading, and sunbathing.

Go Sailing on the Nile

Get aboard a felucca (an average Egyptian sailboat) and go on a cruise down the Niles through the most renowned water bodies on the planet. You can stop at any point to take a swim and experience the awe-inspiring river scenes. Almost all of the Private tours in Egypt can accommodate sailing on the famed water body. If you cannot see it on your itinerary, request it.

Go Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

In a way an extension of the Indian Ocean, this iconic inlet is among the top scuba diving spots in the world. Considering how the Red Sea’s temperature lingers in the 80s during the summer, you’re likely to remain in the water for long. You’ll get to see beautiful coral reefs as well as other marine life as you snap stellar photos.

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